Financial Support for Children and Youth in Sports

The North Toronto Sports Foundation provides funding for financial support for children and youth from families that are unable to pay fees to participate in organized sports.

The qualification for financial support - in the form of scholarships or fee assistance - is based on the family's income and the number family members in the household. The amount of assistance is based on the most recent LICO - Low Income Cut-Off - calculation by Statistics Canada. The amount of assistance ranges from 25% to 90% for most applicants, and 100% for refugees.

Many of the players supported financially are refugees and other recent immigrants. Some are referred by social service agencies and family shelters. Others are from families in the community with low incomes, either on an ongoing basis or facing a temporary financial setback.

In some instances the social service agency  or the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation share in the funding of a player's fee assistance.

During the Covid-19 situation, fee assistance is being extended to families with income earners who have lost their jobs and have been temporarily receiving benefits through the CERB and EI programs or similar government assistance. A larger number of families in the community have required assistance than prior to the COVID-19 crisis.